Profile Photos

Hi friends and photography junkies.

Thank you for the amazing response on my previous entry. You guys are amazing, and I really didn’t expect the great stats I received. I decided to start the blog for my own purposes and just to track my own skills, but it is great to know that there are people out there that also like to see my work.

So as the title indicates today is going to be about profile pictures. I used to hate taking these posed photos. I am still a bit of a shy photographer, so it is difficult for me sometimes to make people feel at ease, and that reflects in your photos.

We do not have photographers at the office and sometimes the need does arise for some profile photos. A friend and colleague of mine started asking me to assist with taking these photos for some work colleagues. So as all other aspects of photography, getting used to dealing with people in these situations is practice as well. I just want to thank Shameema for always pushing me to bring my camera, even if she didn’t realise it is a big deal for me.

I think I got better but i will leave it up to you to be the judge.

These are some of the first ones I took, and it was done indoors, without loads of natural light, and I am not a huge fan of the camera flash. I was also happy to get some beautiful models, and  that helps a lot already. 🙂

Then at around September this year, it was time for some more. This photo shoot was outside and with lots of sunlight. I am not sure if you all are familiar with the summers in South Africa, but its hot and the sun is really bright.

You will also notice that some of the photos have some lens flare, but I thought to use that as a creative aspect.

Let me know what you guys think of these.

If you guys want to view the entire gallery of profile photos please have a look here.

So thank you for indulging me and reading this, and I hope you guys enjoy some of these pictures.

Maxxy xoxox

Birthday Party

Hi friends and photography junkies.

On Saturday 3 December 2016 my godson had his 1st birthday party and I thought it a good idea to take the camera with and snap some shots.

The theme of the party was monsters, and his mom asked me to bake a cake as well.


Not so bad if I have to say so myself. The top layer was all his, to do with as he pleased, and wow, he went to town on it.

His daddy had to rinse him in the swimming pool afterwards.


After the cake eating/smashing he passed out for around 2 hours.

I have some more of his birthday, you can have a look at the rest of the images by clicking here.

I just hope when he is a bit older, he will forgive me that I made these images public…I love you EJ xxxx

Let me know what guys think of these photos.

Maxxy xoxo

My introduction

So I have decided to start a blog about photography. Yes I know, its been done before and there are so many of them out there. What makes this one unique? It’s because its mine. This is just a hobby at the moment, but I am loving it.

So a little about myself, my day job is as an IT developer. I am responsible for maintenance of intranet etc etc etc. So enough of the boring things. I am 36, I currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The first time I fell in love with photography I traveled to Europe in December 2010 with my now husband. Two things happened on that trip. I fell in love with photography and I fell in love with Paris. For the trip I only had a little point and click Samsung camera to take photos on my trip, and with that I took this one.


I know it’s not the best photo in the world of the Eiffel tower, but it was absolutely brilliant to me. A couple of days later I bought my first DSLR and it started from there.

Well this is it for my first post, I hope it gives you guys a bit of background about me and my journey. I will continue with my journey in my next post.

Maxxy xoxo